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Wedspiration Boards Launch

By Bustld Pro Team | Mar 08 2017


Ok… I think you get that we are excited! We’ve been hard at work on the biggest launch since Bustld was born. If you’ve attended any of our Bustld Live events you know what we are talking about … Wedspiration Boards

So what the heck are Wedspiration Boards you are wondering?! Oh are we excited to tell you … 

After talking to brides, we heard a lot of complaints about Pinterest … it’s too expensive, we have no idea where the idea came from, nothing’s local … the list goes on and on. With access to a ton of incredible local weddings and the amazing vetted vendors that go along with it, we wanted to give Bustld couples exactly what they want: 

Local inspiration for their wedding

And thus was born Wedspiration Boards. All right, you’re loving it and want to know how it all works right?!? 

  1. Sign in (or create an account, it’s free!)
  2. Click “Wedspiration Boards” at the top of the page from anywhere on the site
  3. Start scrolling for gorgeous inspiration
  4. Looking for something specific like blush or wedding dress? Just type that in the tag button (more search tags coming soon!)
  5. Found a photo you love? Click the heart to save to your wedding board. 
  6. Wondering who made that wedding moment possible? Click the photo to see the full team (you can even click though to see their profile and contact them straight from the photo!).
  7. Click on “My Account” and then “Wedspiration Board” button to see everything you’ve saved, contact our vetted vendors and download the board to share with friends, family and vendors.

Who else is excited to get lost in Wedspiration Boards this morning?!?!

P.S. Have feedback for us on the boards or how they work? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@bustld.com.


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Bustld Pro Team