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Why Reviewing Your Vendors Matters

By Bustld Pro Team | Aug 01 2016

Your wedding day is over and it was PERFECT! The ceremony was meaningful; the reception was gorgeous; the food was delicious; and your friends and family danced the night away on the dance floor with the perfect mix of songs playing all night. You sail on to your honeymoon (which was also perfect!) and come back home to married bliss. While you change your name and take care of the other fun tasks of being a newlywed, don’t forget another important post-wedding task: reviewing your vendors.

This is something most couples forget to do and it’s totally understandable. When you get home, you are focused on other things like getting back to work, changing your name and newlywed bliss. But it’s something that is SO important. Your vendor creative team worked hard for you on wedding day. They made sure everything was perfect, put out fire drills and (most likely) went above and beyond so that your day was something you will never forget. Don’t you think that deserves to be rewarded?

A recent study showed that 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust businesses more. In a world of word of mouth, that means your review does matter. If you loved your Charlotte wedding vendor team, make sure to show the love. While your wedding day is over, your vendors still need to book more couples to continue doing what they love (and of course, pay their bills) so help them out and write that review! They will appreciate it more than you can ever imagine.

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