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My name is Lindsey, I am a native California girl with a mountain heart and saltwater soul!

Being a photographer these last 7 years has been a combination of some of my favorite things in the world...genuine human connection and the artistry of the photography process from start to finish. There was once a time when I resisted being a full time wedding photographer. It wasn't until I had an epiphany mixed with inspiration from other great artists that I realized I didn't have to capture weddings in a traditional way. That is when my passion ignited. I could break the rules. I could shoot close in for intimacy or really far back for an epic feel. I could tone my images to have a moody-romantic and film inspired look that really gives context to the emotions of a moment. And natural light? That is my JAM.

My passion is capturing the real you, the real love story. That means I want to connect with you. Poses are great, but I want those in between moments of snuck kisses, eye contact, laughing, tenderness, truth. That means some vulnerability from you, and a lot of trust in me. If you're willing to adventure out with me, let your guard down, embrace the process of marking this epic point in your life, we can really create something special together. 

If you and I aren't friends yet, I can ensure a few things...
I go far and wide for my clients. From church steps to a mountain top.
I value your communication, ideas, inspiration.
I have photographed enough weddings of such variety that I can handle whatever your day will bring.
I have a tendency to get really excited about stuff regarding your wedding.
I'm always up for anything!

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Alana Helms

I am in awe with our engagement session and so ready for our big day! From the start with meeting Lindsey, I knew I wanted her to shoot the most perfect da...

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Rachael Bermea

Lindsey was amazing throughout the whole process. She was professional and prompt. She was attentive to my requests as well as creative. We would gladly us...

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Wendy Fierheller

Lindsey is amazing and has great ideas. One of the nicest gals you'd ever meet! Lindsey shot my wedding. She did an amazingly beautiful job. She caught mom...

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Katye Rosentel

Lindsey is an amazing photographer! She took our engagement photos as well as our wedding. She is very professional on site, but a lot of fun too! She is s...

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