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Barks and Brews Engagement Shoot

Grace Merten + John Danehy | Sep 30, 2017

Grace and John met through mutual friends at a college football bar crawl where they were both rocking University of Michigan shirts; however, it was only when they ran into each other again at a friend’s Christmas party that the sparks began to fly. A relationship blossomed and the two became a trio with the addition of their beloved little dog, Larkin. Early on, Larkin was a bit rambunctious and had to participate in dog training classes and this played right in to John’s proposal plan. After one of the classes, John came home to tell Grace about the new trick Larkin had learned and that it involved getting down on one knee. To Grace’s surprise, Larkin didn’t learn a new trick -- it was John proposing!

Grace and John live in Plaza Midwood and love beer, particularly the environment at Legion, their neighborhood brewery. The two love to go and play games there while sipping the delicious beer and enjoying each other’s company so it was fitting and perfectly natural to have their engagement shoot there. The super talented Julia Fay Photography captured Grace and John’s love for each other and the fun that they love to have together in this laid back, super sweet engagement shoot. Larkin even made an appearance and made this the perfect engagement shoot for this adorable couple! 

Congratulations, Grace and John!

Creative Team

Julia Fay Photography

Legion Brewing

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