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Fountains of Love Surprise Engagement

Sofia + Josh |

Sometimes the best days of your life come when you're least expecting them. This was the case for Sofia and Josh, who met at church and hit it off from the very start. The two exchanged numbers and chatted for about two months before their first official date at Bentley's on 27th in Uptown. 

After dating for two years, Josh decided it was time to make it official. Sofia was on a girl's date with her best friends in Atlanta, when walking around the city and thoroughly missing Josh, she saw his family walking towards her! Thinking she must surely be dreaming, Sofia was even more surprised to see Josh himself emerge from behind the water walls of one of Atlanta’s largest fountains. He got down on one knee right then and there and asked Sofia to marry him—she said yes, of course! As the water walls went back up, Sofia and Josh took the opportunity to savor the special moment together. Sofia was overjoyed and found herself wishing her family could be there to celebrate with them as well. Luckily for her, Josh was one step ahead and when the fountains went back down, Sofia’s family was standing on the other side! Knowing it would be important to her, sweet Josh had flown Sofia’s family into town to take part in the joyous occasion as well! It was the perfect surprise engagement and one the entire family will happily remember forever.

Check out the happy couple’s beautiful engagement session below, perfectly captured by Casey Hendrickson Photography.

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Casey Hendrickson Photography

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