Remarkable Receptions


Remarkable Receptions with Rich Lange is a Master of Ceremonies and DJ service available exclusively for couples seeking Extraordinary Wedding Celebrations.

Extraordinary Celebrations are not about JUST music.  They are about YOU and YOUR STORY.   Your guests are coming to connect with YOU  and celebrate YOU.  Wedding Receptions can be different, Unique...and really GREAT!  (I know, I see them almost every weekend.)

Of Course, we Play Great Music, and have Packed Dance Floors-- but that is only part of the plan.  Your guests should think that before the dance floor even opens that, "This is the BEST Wedding I've ever been to!"  Possible?  Absolutely!


Your Love Celebrated..................that is a Remarkable Reception!

Don't Hire (just) a DJ! I believe that your Reception should be a CELEBRATION of YOU! Lets Collaborate and get Your Love Celebrated!

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