The big day is coming up, and, as the bride, you can’t wait to take your engagement photos. The opportunity to capture the excitement and anxiousness you two share for such a special day is just around the corner. Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of this exciting session:


1. Join in the fun, guys!

Most men are known to be a little camera shy. But guys, remember, this day is for the both of you! Just relax and have fun with it! Be yourself and let your personality shine. Photography may not be the most exciting activity for you, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so have fun with it and make the most of the experience! After all, it’s only 90 minutes of your day, and I promise it means so much to your loving fiancé.


2. Hair and Makeup for the Bride-to-Be

Ladies, getting your hair and makeup professionally done for your engagement photos is an absolutely great idea. For one thing, these photos are capturing the very beginning of you and your love’s lives together – such a special time – a time that you both will get to look back on, share, and cherish forever! Secondly, having your hair and makeup professionallydone can relieve some stress on yourself to get it perfect. And lastly, it’ll give you a great opportunity to try out a professional to make sure they’re right for the job when it comes to your wedding day (plus it’s super fun to be pampered).


3. Don’t be Afraid of the Awkward Poses

Your photographer may ask you to pose or position yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable pose or position. Don’t worry – just relax and have fun with it! Trust the professional on this one. The photographer wouldn’t be taking the pictures if they thought you looked awkward. These are often the photos that turn out the best!


4. Make it Natural

It’s not necessary to be looking at the camera the entire time! We want the shoot to look candid and organic. Just relax and enjoy yourselves. Try to forget that there’s even a camera involved. Be yourselves, laugh and have fun! Your photographer will help guide you both and most likely won’t have you looking at the camera for most of the session.


5. Special Location

You’re going to want to choose a special location for your engagement session – a location that means something to the both of you. It may be the place where you two first met or maybe the location of your first date or first kiss (swoon!). Wherever it may be, you’ll want it to be a location where you both are familiar with your surroundings. That way, you both are at ease, relaxed and natural… not to mention the sentimentality factor!


6. Don’t Overthink It

The goal of this session is to capture the sincere, genuine love you have for each other, so don’t overthink it or try to force anything. It’s all already there. Just forget about the camera and relax! Have fun! Be yourself! No need to think you need to act some certain way for the images to turn out perfect. The photographer’s goal is to capture your true relationship together! Are you crazy goofballs or modest introverts? Show off your personalities together and don’t try too hard for what you think you both should do or be like!


7. Enjoy Each Other Before the Session

Plan your session to be on a day where you both don’t have too much going on. If your day is filled with errands and stress, you may not be in the best mood for pictures. Go have a relaxing lunch together, get a drink, listen to some music. Take it easy! Don’t think of this session as just another thing you have to tick of the list before the wedding. Make an experience out of it, doing things you both will enjoy.


8. Imperfections Equal Beauty

Don’t worry the whole time about your hair looking perfect or your dress looking just right. Embrace the beauty of the unknown and the various elements of your surroundings. Embrace the rocks, the dirt, the water and weather! If it starts raining, we’ll keep shooting! Just smile, laugh and enjoy! I promise, from years of experience, these make the best sessions! Always remember, the best accessory is a genuine happy smile.


9. What to Wear?

Don’t worry about what others may say you should or shouldn’t wear. How you feel in what you’re wearing is what matters! Wear something that makes you feel fabulous! You could bring several different outfits to the session if you’d like to change things up. And if you’re really not sure about what to wear, don’t hesitate to send some photos of your options to your photographer. They’ll surely have some great ideas and motivation boards for you to peek through.


10. Remember the Importance of the Session

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of planning a wedding and having to complete all the tasks that need to be finished before the big day. But don’t get too distracted from what matters most – the love you share for your significant other. Immerse yourself in this fact and let the pieces fall where they may. 


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