A new year means new wedding trends. From new colors and flavors to new looks, we couldn’t be more excited to see some of these in 2019!


More Color, Specifically Coral

It’s no secret that coral was named Pantone’s 2019 color of the year so we expect to see a lot of it in the coming year. We also expect to see a lot of color in general. From florals to linens to cake to signage, there are lots of ways to incorporate color. 


Simple, Classic Dresses

Bridal gowns will begin to appear more simple and classic. This means less jewels and embellishments, and more clean lines. This look is very timeless and modern and the trend is all thanks to Meghan Markle’s gown. 


Elderflower Everything

Another trend thanks to the latest royal wedding that will be popping up all over wedding menus. Elderflower can be used in cocktails and signature drinks and even as a cake flavor. It is a very light and refreshing flavor that is sure to give your guests something to remember. 


Custom Illustrations

From venue illustrations to use on invitations or guest favors to maps to show where wedding events will be taking place, custom illustrations are a great way to personalize your wedding. Another idea? A custom monogram drafted to use on cocktail napkins or as a gobo on the dance floor, it is just another way to make your wedding totally you. 


Smaller Plates, More Courses

There’s no question that stations have gained popularity as far as catering choices go, but now we will start to see stations blended together with the more formal plated meal option. Like with stations, there will be several food choices, but they will be served as a plated meal with several small courses. 


Greenery with Blooms

Greenery has always and probably will always be a popular choice when decoration a space. In the recent past, there has been a heavy focus solely on greenery alone. As neutral weddings take a backseat to more colorful weddings, we will start to see more floral blooms mixed in with the greenery. 


Photo Courtesy of Something Perfect Weddings / Photo Credit: LiveLight Photography