Nowadays, it is pretty easy to go online, browse tons of trendy invitation designs, and order your suite from a website. This is a viable option for some couples, but quick and easy is not always best and can lead to quality issues. I think it is incredibly important to have printed pieces that truly speak the voice of your event, and I’ve put together a list of five reasons couples should consider having custom invitations made for their weddings:



You likely have a theme for your wedding day that is special and meaningful to you as a couple. Your save the date and/or invitation is the first glimpse your guests get into your big day… you want your guests to get excited! Will you catch their eye with a vibrant colored envelope, a custom stamp or handwritten calligraphy? What will they see and feel when they open the envelope? Will they rush to “save the date” on their calendars? The wedding stationery sets the tone for your event.



Sure, you can order invitations for $50 from a website. There are a lot of pretty options and this works for something quick on a low budget. However, it is important to remember that these websites are using templated invitations, so hundreds of other couples have picked the same invitation as you. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is very special to you and your family, and one way to commemorate it is by considering an invitation that is designed for your wedding only. Nobody else should have the same invitation as you!


Another thing to note about online wedding invitations is that they are often flimsy and lower quality. You don’t get to see the paper before it is printed, and you are looking at colors online, so you are hoping it turns out how it’s supposed to. Working with a custom invitation designer, you will get your choice of quality stocks of different colors, shades, textures and thicknesses. You will be able to look at swatch books. The design will be thoughtful and catered to what you like and ask for. And as an invitation designer that works directly with local printers, I ensure that the prints are much higher quality than that of a mass-produced template.



When you work with a custom invitation designer, you have countless options for papers, printing, colors, fonts and designs. For example, we offer a multitude of shades and textures of paper stock – shimmery, glossy, soft matte, thick, thin, long and narrow, rectangular (just to name a few!) – that will make a difference in your invitation. Or customize your suite with custom stamps, belly bands, pockets or insert cards. The designs can be 100 percent unique and yours, made for your wedding only.



Have you ever envisioned something but you’re not quite sure how to transform it into a reality? Online, you may sift through hundreds of designs with elements you like, but can’t seem to find a way to tie them all together. Furthermore, online invitation orders can often lack the personal, unique element that is needed to help your wedding stand apart. With custom invitations, your designer works with you to listen to your inspiration, capture the important details, and bring your vision out in your invites. This allows you to have a say in order to make sure you get what you are looking for, and saves you tons of time to put toward other important wedding tasks!


Have questions about mailing, etiquette, or print capabilities? If you order your invites through a website, chances are you will spend a lot of time Googling your concerns. If you contact customer service, you likely will not be speaking to a designer or an invitation specialist. Working directly with a designer, we can answer all of your questions and advise on what will work best for your pieces.



Many invitation websites offer a plethora of printed pieces in addition to wedding suites but this does not make them experts in the field. An invitation designer has specific knowledge of available and appropriate fonts and colors; what types of papers and designs will work and not work for different print processes; and the aforementioned etiquette. Experience working directly with a printer allows a custom invite designer’s process to run incredibly smoothly. Your designer can suggest items and details to add to your suite that you may not have considered, and similarly can advise against pieces that are not necessary.


As a designer, my favorite part of working with couples is providing them with memorable save the dates, invites and websites that reflect their personalities and special days in ways that are unique to them! I think it is important to have pieces for a wedding that stand out, and I love that at That Joy we can use papers, colors, and textures in such exciting ways to tie the theme of a wedding together.