You designed the perfect cake, you displayed it so everyone could gush over it and now it all comes to a close about halfway through your reception with the official cake cutting. After the must-have picture of you slicing into the cake, what about the rest of the cake? We chatted with Dominica Clementi of Nona’s Sweets to find out what happens from here. 

Once the ceremonial cake cutting is over, the rest of your cake should be cut by your caterer, but make sure this is something you discuss with them. You definitely want someone experienced and well versed in cake cutting to handle this task. 

Once cake is served, if there are any leftovers definitely take some slices home with you. Nothing is sweeter than cake for breakfast! They should also box up the top tier of your cake for you if you planned to save it; be sure your baker provides a cake box. The key from here is knowing what to do with that boxed top tier.

According to Dominica, the first thing to do is put the unwrapped box in the freezer before you leave for your honeymoon. That way, when you get back it’ll be solid, and you can take it out and cover it in plastic. Otherwise, if you do it while it’s not frozen the plastic will stick to it and create a big mess. Once you’ve got it wrapped in plastic, wrap it in a layer of foil. Then, put it in a jumbo plastic baggie and get as much air out of it as you can. Take that whole baggie, put it back in the cake box and put the box back in the freezer.

A year later, take that bad boy out two days before you are ready to have it and unwrap it while it’s still frozen. Let it thaw, enjoy and celebrate one year of marriage with sweets and your sweetie!

Photo by Nona's Sweets 

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About this week’s guests: Nona’s Sweets has been making fabulous cakes, cupcakes, and desserts since 2000. Family owned, they focus on you and your details for a personal and delicious experience.