Wedding planning is full of so many small details that come together to create beautiful magic on your special day. So, when it comes to deciding which makeup option is best for your bridal look, leave it to the experts to help you make the decision.


I am often asked what is better: airbrush or traditional makeup? My answer… both! During a trial run, a pro makeup artist will help you determine what is right for your needs and skin. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences so you can be ready for your bridal trial run:


Traditional Makeup

This type of application is what most women do daily. It is a cream or liquid foundation of various thickness options applied with a tool (sponge or brush). There are a variety of finish options (natural, matte, radiant) and coverage options (light, medium, full). A pro makeup artist will have all options available in their kit and make suggestions on the amount of coverage you need and the finish that will look best. My go-to for wedding day is long wearing traditional makeup, especially if it’s waterproof. Always want to be prepared for humidity or tears!


Traditional makeup applied correctly should last a full day and enhance your features. One big difference between airbrush and traditional makeup is the touch-up. Traditional makeup can be touched up throughout the day without disturbing the integrity of the makeup.


A downside to traditional makeup is the “feel.” If you are a natural gal but your desired wedding day look requires full coverage makeup to give you the results you want, traditional makeup may not be right for you. I often find that my natural brides prefer the weightless feel of airbrush makeup.


Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is extremely popular for brides. The application consists of a customized shade of foundation being sprayed evenly onto the face from airbrush gun. This gun is connected to a compressor which has various speeds. 

Airbrush makeup is either water or silicone-based and offers two finishes (natural matte or radiant). Both options are completely weightless on the skin. This is a perfect option for someone who does not want to feel their makeup on their face. Customized levels of coverage are also available (light, medium, full). The application process allows for a very uniform application of foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter. The makeup artist has the ability to customize every step of the process for your needs based on the formulations that are mixed in the gun. For the extremely creative, the eyes and lips can even be airbrushed!


A major selling point of airbrush foundation is that it’s sweat-proof, hug-proof and tear-proof plus it requires no touch ups. It is always suggested that brides keep a lightweight translucent touch-up powder (in case you want to powder the nose or chin) and their lipstick with them but otherwise, everything on the face will be set. In fact, the silicone formula actually molds to your face as the day goes on but continues to feel weightless and look natural, day to night.


If there are extreme cases of scaring, hyperpigmentation or acne, traditional application makeup is a better option for coverage purposes than airbrush.


Whatever option you decide on for your special day, a pro makeup artist can make you look and feel your very best! 

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Photo courtesy of Vanessa Ray Photography