Five things your seamstress wish you knew

Drum roll, please.... your dream dress is here! Now, we pivot from finding the gown to making sure it fits your every curve and contour completely. We know you are eager to get that gown on, but before your first fitting there are five tips seamstress wish you knew to help you breeze through your alteration’s appointments. 

No need to be an early bird.

You want to get that gorgeous gown on as soon as possible and we get it, but patience is a virtue with alterations. Kicking off your alterations process one month before the big day is the sweet spot as it gives plenty of time to finesse the dress, while not being so far out that you are scrambling to make 11th hour adjustments or wondering whether your dress will fit on wedding day. Your final fitting will likely be as close as two to three days before “I do,” so resist the urge to check this box too soon in your planning process. 

Anticipate a minimum of two appointments, but often a third.

Like a fine wine, good things take some time, so breathe deep and enjoy the process. In your first alterations appointment, you will try on your gown and the seamstress will start to pin, focusing mainly on the hem and the bodice. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you bring the shoes you will wear on your wedding day as your hem and bustle will most likely be pinned to your height during this first appointment. The next couple appointments to follow are all about fine tuning so your gown fits you like a dream. 

Dare to go bare.

Bring your wedding day undergarments with you or, better yet, go bare! Many gowns do not need (or allow) for the standard bra. Your seamstress has you covered... literally. She can sew cups and lining into your gown during alterations to ensure the perfect, secure fit. 

Know what to expect.

Outside of hemming and overall fit, two common alterations projects for every bride include the bustle and securing separates. There are two types of bustles – French and American. When it comes to your bustle, choosing the right look for your dress is the icing on the cake. The seamstress will pin your gown with different options and allow you to choose which looks best with her guidance, of course. Often, the weight of the skirt or the fabric type will make this choice clear. 

Pro tip: Make sure to bring a bridesmaid or your mom with you for this fitting, so she can take a quick video of the bustling process. Practicing before the wedding will ensure that “day of” nerves or strict timelines do not get in the way of your beautiful bustle.

Another common alteration project is securing separates, such as fixing bodices to skirts or sewing sashes onto your gown. These little additions will make all the difference in your ensemble staying flawless from the aisle to the dance floor. 

 Bring it all together. 

Your alterations appointments are a phenomenal time to complete your look with accessories. Now that you’ve chosen your dream dress, it’s time for you both to get to know each other. With the stress of the hunt behind you, you can take your time trying all the heirlooms, jewelry, sashes and veils that speak to you. 

Alterations do not have to be stressful. Armed with these expectations and tips, we hope you feel confident navigating this key part of wedding preparation. If you have any questions going into this process, please reach out– now that you’ve found the one, we are here to make sure you find the perfect fit. 

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Photo Courtesy of Maddison Row South