hotel room block reserves guests at a central location for your wedding guests – talk about thinking everything through for your guests! Other than the obvious of not making your guests figure out where to stay on their own, there are tons of other benefits to having a room block!


  1. Guest Experience

First and foremost is that youreally thought about the guest’s experience. It's a nice thing to do for your guests, especially if you have a large group of out-of-town travelers who might not be familiar with your wedding city. A block gives them guidance and makes traveling a little bit easier.


  1. Price and Concessions

It also can be a great benefit because you can typically geta lower price or maybe some additional concessions, like complimentary parking or Wi-Fi, since you are a larger group.


  1. Centrally Located Guests

The benefit to you is that everybody's centrally located.So, if you're offering transportation or if you're doing welcome bags you only have two or three locationsto drop off at instead of 17 (and trying to figure out where everyone is staying!).


  1. Point of Contact

With a block, you’d be working with a designated hotel coordinator as your go-to for all questions. This can be everything from providing a list of guests staying at the hotel to where the bus should pull up for guest loading.


  1. On Site Facilities

If you are having your wedding in a hotel, then it’s a no brainer to book a room block at the same hotel. In fact, you might be able to negotiate an even lower rate or more concessions in your contract. Even if you aren’t planning your wedding at a hotel there are other wedding events you could consider having at that hotel – like rehearsal dinner, an after party (if they have a bar), or a morning after brunch. 

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Axtell Photography