Imagine a bride and groom that want a formal, black tie wedding but their favorite venue is a farm?  Farm venues have been a popular trend for weddings in the last decade.  But most of those wedding tend to have a rustic, romantic feel to them.  Mason jars, wooden centerpieces with natural flowers, and wooden barrels that double as cocktail tables have all helped to create beautiful farm weddings.  So the question most couples ask is, “How do we make such a rural, rustic setting formal?”


For many, envisioning the end result can be difficult.  But, using a wedding planner and doing a little research can help bring it all together beautifully!


Think outside the box.  Begin with one area and watch it blossom from there.  Some tips on how to put together your “Black Tie at the Farm Wedding” is listed below.


  1. Begin with one area of the reception.  Develop the table décor with fancy, formal linens, china and fabulous flowers.  Don’t be afraid to go over the top.  Make the tables rival a ballroom at the Ritz.  The reception can have an elegant feel even in a barn. 


  1. Find a way to make your cake stand out with glitz and glamour.   A black crinkle tablecloth, a large garland of greenery hanging effortlessly on the table with the cake displayed on top.  Add some gold votive candles of various sizes to add to the formal feel.


  1. Create a luxurious sitting area complete with velvet vintage settees and chairs.  And don’t forget the mirrored end tables!


  1. Add a chandelier or two or three.  Have them hanging everywhere.  This will add a more formal look than lanterns or just candles.


Finally, be sure the attire is black tie.  The food is tastefully done and the drinks are served in crystal.   Don’t skimp on the little details that make the event truly a formal affair.