As you begin to finalize the guest list, one thing you will have to decide on is who will get a plus one, if anyone. As if it wasn’t hard enough putting together the guest list to begin with, now this only makes it harder. We get it, so that’s why we are going to lay down the basic rules of plus ones.

So, who gets a plus one? Here are the easy rules to follow:

1. Engaged

If the guest is engaged, their fiancé should be included on the guest list. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were engaged, how would you feel if your fiancé wasn’t on the guest list?

2 .Living Together/Serious Relationship

The same is to be said if the guest is either living with their partner or is in a long term, serious relationship. These are two people who spend most of their time together and it’s only common courtesy to include both of them. 

3 .Bridal Party

As a thank you to your bridal party for all they have done for you, it’s nice to offer them a plus one, even if they don’t fall into the criteria above. 

4. Single Invitee 

The last category of people who should get a plus one are those who don’t know anyone else invited. Allowing them to bring a plus one will encourage them to come because they will have someone to socialize with. Let’s be honest, no one wants to fly solo not knowing anyone, would you?

Now the question is, once you’ve determined who will or will not get a plus one, how do you specify? It’s actually quite simple. Depending on how formal your invitations are (i.e. whether you will have an inner or outer envelope), the name of the invitee and their guest will go on the invitation’s envelope. 

Last but not least, you may be wondering if you can add a plus on later on. Maybe you have a friend who just started dating someone but you’re not sure about it and want to wait it out a little longer. While it’s ideal to decide before invitations, if it turns out that you have extra space and the space in your budget for an extra guest, then by all means let your friend know they are welcome to bring your friend.

It’s never a comfortable situation when you get an RSVP with a plus one who wasn’t invited. If that happens, the best way to handle that is a simple call or text to the guest letting them know that unfortunately, space is limited, and you did not plan on a seat for their guest.

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Photo Courtesy of Joan Day Weddings