Now that you’ve selected your bridal party, you’ve got to decide what they will wear! Will the bridesmaids all be matching? Will they wear long or short dresses? What about the groomsmen, suit or tux? Matching the groom or different? There are so many options, but don’t worry, we’re walking you through them all!



Once you've picked your dress, then you can start looking at bridesmaid dresses.



If you are having a more formal wedding, a long dress is probably the best bet. If you are having something more casual or a beach wedding, a short dress would be a great choice. 



What colors have you selected for your wedding? Do you want to stick in that color shade or do you want to do something more neutral? Then you will need to decide if you want all the dresses in the same color. Maybe you want your maid of honor to be in a different shade. Maybe you even want to throw a patterned dress into the mix if you are looking for a look that’s a little less traditional. 



Once you’ve decided on length and color, then set a style. Will everyone be in the same matching dress? What about fabric – do you prefer chiffon or satin or even something a little more unique like velvet? If you are not having everyone match, give your bridesmaids a little guidance on what the rules are. Maybe you pick a specific dress and give them their choice of neckline. If you want to be a little more lenient, let them know a length and color family they should look for and make sure you get final approval!



Just like with the bride, bridesmaids have accessories to worry about. If you care what jewelry or shoes they wear, make sure you pick those out for them, or at least standardize what color they should wear. A pair of earrings or necklace is a great bridesmaids gift and a great way to ensure they have something to wear on wedding day!



Same thing applies here, once the groom selects what he is wearing, it will be a lot easier to decide on attire for the groomsmen. 



For groomsmen, you’ll want to determine style before color. If it is a formal wedding and the groom is in a tux, groomsmen should probably be in a tux also, but there are other ways (we’ll get to that in a minute!) to mix things up a little. If it’s not so formal, groomsmen can mix it up from the groom and wear a two piece suit while the groom wears a three piece suit – or vice versa! Or maybe it’s even more casual and the groomsmen go vest no jacket while the groom has a jacket. 



This is definitely one way you can mix it up between the groom and groomsmen. Tux or suit, put the groomsmen all in one color and the groom in a different color. You can also choose to completely mix it up for a more natural, casual look and let the groomsmen wear different shades of a specific color.  



You can really mix things up with the accessories for groomsmen. From boutonnieres and pocket squares to ties and bowties. Maybe the groom wears a polka dot tie while everyone else is in a solid color. Same thing goes for socks – again, a great gift idea for the groomsmen so they have something to wear! This is also a place where you can personalize things, maybe you get each groomsman their favorite sports team socks or cufflinks. 

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Photo Credit: Jordan Tickle Photography