Selecting your bridal party is fun! These are the girls (and maybe guys) that mean the most to you. But being a bridesmaid can come with a lot of responsibility in both money and time so what’s fair to expect of your best pals?

  • Hair & Makeup: If you are requiring them to do this, it’s a very nice gesture to pay for this. Since it can cost around $150-$250 per girl for hair and makeup that’s a big ask. If you can’t swing the whole bill, consider paying for just one service or making it optional. However, it is becoming more expected so if you’d like your bridesmaids to pay for this just let them know at the beginning of the planning process so they can save.
  • Attire: This is a cost that should be expected as a bridesmaid. Keep in mind the financial situation of your bridesmaids and try to select something that everyone can afford.
  • Shoes & Accessories: While accessories are a nice wedding gift, this cost is something that should be expected as part of the attire cost. Do keep in mind that shoes and jewelry won’t really be noticed by anyone so consider giving your girls some tips (i.e. silver flats or black heels with no more than 2-inch heel) but letting them select something that fits their budget and comfort level.
  • Showers: It’s nice to invite your bridesmaids to a shower if they are local. Keep in mind, out of towners should not be expected to attend. Also, be cognizant that an invitation is a request for a gift so you should only invite each bridesmaid to one shower.
  • Bachelorette Party: This is typically organized by your maid of honor (or all your bridesmaids). Try to plan something that works with everyone’s schedule and budget so they can all attend. The more the merrier!

The most important thing to remember is that setting expectations from the start will help to avoid hurt feelings & keep your relationships in tact. You selected these ladies for a reason so let them support you!


Article by Something Perfect Weddings

Photo Courtesy of Erin Kranz Photography