If you’re a born and bred Southern, you probably know what bridal portraits are. If you are from up North, it’s probably a foreign concept. But either way bridal portraits are an emerging trend that’s great for brides from everywhere.

So should you do one?

Top-3 Reasons to Have a Bridal Portrait:

·      Hair & Makeup Trial: This is a must (with or without a bridal portrait) but what do you do once you are all dolled up? Get in your dress and take some photos! This is a great way to see what your look from head to toe will look like in photos come wedding day.

·      So Many More Dress Photos: It’s probably the most expensive dress you own so you this gives you a chance to get even more gorgeous photos of you in it AND you get to wear it more than once. Plus you can try out a different location and will (likely) be more relaxed.

·      It’s Fun: You get to play dress up for a day and have photos taken. How fun is that?!


Top-3 Reasons to Skip a Bridal Portrait:

·      Dress Won’t Be Ready: Short engagement? Took a while to find the dream dress? If your wedding dress won’t be ready weeks in advance, there won’t be time to have the shoot AND get your dress cleaned and prepped for wedding day. It’s not worth the stress!

·      Don’t Want Photos of Just You: Not sure what you would do with a bunch of solo photos of you? Then it’s probably not worth the investment.

·      Worried About Your Dress: There is a chance your dress could get dirty. If you are on the fence, talk to your photographer and dress shop about what you can do to keep the gown in pristine condition during the photo shoot.


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**Photo courtesy of Cassie Leigh Photography