Often times, a bride’s accessories can be forgotten because all of the focus is on finding the dress (as it should be!). Sure, the dress is the main attraction but don’t let the smaller pieces be forgotten!


A comfortable pair of shoes for wedding day is just as important as a pretty pair! You will be on your feet a lot on wedding day so make sure to find a comfortable pair. Already set on a not comfortable pair because they are just to pretty to pass up? Try breaking them in ahead of time. You can even bring a backup pair to change into later in the night!


Aside from your engagement ring and wedding band, don’t forget about other pieces you may want to add to complete your look. Earrings are always a good choice, same with bracelets. Once you’ve decided on your dress you can determine if a necklace will work with it or not. 


If you want to wear a veil, don’t forget to pick one out! Not sure if it’s for you? Try one on while dress shopping or during a fitting, your bridal shop is sure to have one. Don’t forget about other hair accessories like pins and headbands. Talk to your hair stylist about what would look best and don’t forget to bring it to your trial so you can try it out!


If you plan to do a garter removal/toss, don’t forget to buy one! And then more importantly, don’t forget to put it on before the removal!

Borrowed, Blue, Old and New

Decide if you want to partake in the tradition of wearing something borrowed, blue, old and new on your wedding day. Your dress may be your something new (or old AND borrowed if it’s a family members!). Maybe your hairpiece is an old family piece and maybe your veil was borrowed from a sister!

Photo: Dawn Marie Photography