When it comes to getting bridesmaid's dresses, it’s not as simple as you may think. The whole process is actually pretty similar to the bride’s dress timeline. It may not take as much time, but it still takes time. Thanks to Alex Moring and Lissie Summer at Bella Bridesmaids Charleston we can tell you exactly the kind of timeline you should be working with.

10 Months – Choose Bride’s Dress

First and foremost, before you begin the bridesmaid’s dress timeline, you need to have your dress picked out. It might sound silly, but the bridal gown is really the starting point for the whole canvas. If your dress changes, the whole look changes and you might want to change bridesmaids dresses, too. 

9 Months – Browse Inspiration

This is where things like Bustld’s real weddings and Pinterest come into play. Look around at all the inspiration and decide what kind of style you are looking for. Are you looking for something more traditional with matching dresses or more whimsical with mismatched dresses in a similar color palette?

8 Months – Shop

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, it’s time to actually do some in store browsing. While you don’t need to order anything quite yet, you want to allow yourself enough time to find something that both you and your girls will love. 

“A bride should come in for her initial appointment at least eight months before the wedding,” said Alex and Lissie. “That way, she has plenty of time to narrow it down and get some other opinions if she wants.”

Opinions are always nice, but just remember you’re most likely not going to ever please everyone! 

6 Months – Fit/Order

After you’ve made the selection or selections for your bridesmaids, it’s time for them to do some of the work. This is the point in the process where they take charge. Each bridesmaid will need to get fitted/sized and place their order. Dresses can take a while for production, so make sure you stay on top of your girls about ordering on time! 

Don’t believe us? Alex and Lissie tell us exactly how long, “Dresses can take up to four months for production then, we want them to be in the girl's hands at least two months before the wedding.”

2 Months – Alterations

Dresses should be in hand that far in advance of the wedding so that, just like you, your bridesmaids have a chance to do any necessary alterations. You don’t want any of your girls tripping over their dress as they walk down the aisle because they didn’t have enough time to shorten it, do you?

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About this week’s guests: Bella Bridesmaids is a franchise company with over 55 locations individually owned by women dedicated to styling you for any special occasion!

Alex Moring and Lissie Summer have both been with Bella Charleston for nearly four years and have truly seen it all! 

Photo: Sara Touchet Photography