Just like with wedding dresses, bridesmaids dress trends change from season to season. Some trends become permanent, while some trends fade away. We’re leaving it to the experts, Alex Moring and Lissie Summer at Bella Bridesmaids Charleston, to tell us what this year’s trends have been so far. 



The dusty color palette is a popular one right now, so it’s no wonder that this color is trending in bridesmaid’s dresses. The colors are not too bright and look good against any skin tone. They are very versatile and can go with a classic style wedding or a boho style wedding. 


With the whimsical look fading out a bit, it makes sense that crepe dresses are fading in. 

“As far as styles go, we are seeing a ton of crepe,” said Alex and Lissie. “So, the more fitted look, a little more sophisticated, streamlined and simple – a little less whimsical which was big for a while.”

Classic and sophisticated necklines

To go along with the more classic fabric, more classic necklines are being seen. Think sophisticated high necks and classic V-necks, less one shoulder and off the shoulder looks. Again, these necklines lean more toward the whimsical side so with whimsical and boho looks moving out, the necklines change accordingly. 


This is a trend that has been around for a while and we are totally okay with it. As long as it’s done right, mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses add a bit of style to the whole look. You can mismatch dress style and keep color the same, you can mismatch color and keep style the same, or you can mismatch both. Just make sure you’ve thought it all through!

“The key to the mismatched look is you've got to see it in real life before everything is ordered, so there are no surprises on the wedding day,” Alex and Lissie explain. “Because your worst nightmare is that you see all the dresses together and you go, ‘Oh, I don't like that.’”


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About this week’s guests: Bella Bridesmaids is a franchise company with over 55 locations individually owned by women dedicated to styling you for any special occasion!

Alex Moring and Lissie Summer have both been with Bella Charleston for nearly four years and have truly seen it all! 

Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Charleston & Virgil Bunao Photography