When it comes to picking your bridesmaids, it’s easy. These are your ride or dies and you’ve been dreaming about them standing up there next to you for years. When it comes time to actually ask these girls to officially be a bridesmaid, it might not be as easy! You want to do something that will show them how much you care and something that will obviously make a good Instagram picture. Time to get creative! 


Keep things light hearted with a little game for your bridesmaids to play. Let them put together the puzzle to reveal the question you have for them!


Gift them with something they will be able to actually use and remember that moment forever! We love the idea of playing off the “tying the knot” theme and using a cute knotted design in the jewelry piece. They could even wear it on wedding day!

Gift Box

Come up with an overall theme and build a gift box around that. You can even change the theme from person to person, based on their likes. We’re talking a bath box filled with candles, bath salts and a bath bomb or a nail kit with nail polish, files and lotion. Personalizing a piece of the box always adds a special touch, like a customized mug or picture frame. 

Scratch Off 

Like the puzzle idea, but a little less work involved for your ladies! Make them feel like they’ve won the lottery by asking them to be a part of your special day.

Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love a good treat? Ask your favorite bakery to customize some cookies or cupcakes that does the asking for you, and then let’s them enjoy after!


When in doubt, booze is the go-to gift. Grab a bottle of your ladies’ favorite wine or champagne and print off a custom label to wrap around the bottle that asks them the question. Pair it with a customized drinking glass and you’ve got yourself a winner!


Whether you hang it up and make them knock it down blindfolded or make it a mini version they can crack open, this idea is definitely fun, creative and Instagram-able.


Photo: Jessie Modlin Photography