You have your dress, you have your flowers, you have your caterer… but there’s a piece of the wedding budget that many brides don’t take into consideration when planning: accessories.


Accessories can include hairpieces, jewelry, shoes, wedding veil and any other pieces of your outfit that aren’t your dress.


When budgeting for these wedding extras, consider things like will you wear [insert accessory] again? How important to you is the quality of the piece versus the style? Would you be happy with a more affordable option that has the same style?


These questions will help you determine whether you should spend $20 on your wedding accessories or $2,000 – or somewhere in between!


To help you budget for your wedding accessories, we’ll start by offering you some key places where you can save money and where you can splurge.


Where to Splurge


You will be standing in your shoes for many hours, so be sure to buy a pair that are study and comfortable. Sore feet will distract you from the magic of the day, so spend a little extra on those shoes for added comfort.


Along those lines, make sure your wedding day isn’t the first time you wear your wedding shoes. Break them in around the house in the weeks leading up to the wedding and practice walking on any surface you’ll encounter on wedding day, including grass, dirt or pavers.



It is best to buy your veil at the same time as your wedding dress so you can try them on together. You might buy a dress in ivory from one vendor and a veil in ivory from another, only to discover they are very different colors in real life.


Cheap quality veils can be stiff or creased. A high-quality wedding veil will flow nicely and is more likely to not tear or snag while wearing it.


Where to Save


This may be an unpopular opinion, but we think you can save money on your wedding jewelry if your budget is already stretched thin. Consider reaching out to family members to see if they have some jewelry you can borrow for your big day. Not only is this free, but it adds some special sentimental value as well.


If you are buying new jewelry, choose semi-fine or fashion jewelry that won’t break your budget. 



If you are doing a garter toss, there’s no need to purchase an expensive garter that’s just going to be thrown into a group of men. Instead, save some money by buying a cheap garter that you won’t miss if it gets damaged during the toss.


What about groom’s accessories?

Of course, brides aren’t the only ones who wear accessories on wedding day. Many grooms use their wedding as a reason to finally invest in that nice watch or those gold cuff links. If the groom is looking for something he can wear to all future events, it could be a good idea to splurge on a few nice pieces. However, if he knows he’ll never wear that watch again – consider saving some money on a mid-price one.


The Bottom Line on Wedding Accessories

Accessories are additions to your full ensemble, so try not to get too worried about whether you are choosing the right ones. Instead, determine how much you are comfortable spending on them and then shop around for pieces in your budget.


Photo credit [vetted]: Abbie Blair Photography