We’ve all got holidays on the brain, so for this week’s podcast episode we talked about all things holidays: holiday traditions, favorite holiday meals, how to share holidays, holiday weddings and everything in between! Get to know Bustld’s co-founders a little more as Samie and Ryan share all the info about their holiday season.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday in the winter season?

Samie: I really like Thanksgiving. I do really like Christmas, too. So, those two. I can’t pick a favorite.

Ryan: Christmas. I love Thanksgiving, I really do. I love whatever is in front of me, quite frankly. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do, or favorite thing about the holidays?

Samie: Family, being with family.

Ryan: Family, yeah. I would say that’s probably my favorite part. And just, like, I don’t know, I feel like everyone just generally is in a happy mood.

Q: Do you do gifts for one another?

A: Yeah, we always do; we always say we’re not going to and then we always do. And we always put a price limit on it and we both always overspend. Ryan is gift-giver and I know he’s going to be a gift-giver, so I have to overcompensate.

Q: How do you handle splitting gifts for other people like parents and siblings and should it always be from the both of us?

A: I mean, once you get married it’s a package deal. But just know that that works in reverse, unfortunately. You’re going to get gifts together. Like, we always get ‘Ryan and Samie’ gifts and it’s always like, let me tell you, it’s not a PlayStation. It’s going to be like a new pot or pan or something. But you can get more for people, too, if you do it as a combined. And so they’re more meaningful.

Q: What is the best holiday gift you’ve ever gotten?

Samie: I think I really liked the Kate Spade coat you got me.

Ryan: Yeah, I like these Nike waffle racers you get me every year.

Q: How do you split the holidays and how do you decide?

A: I think it’s just a conversation you have to have. It’s a doozy of a conversation. And it’s not just between you two. It kind of involves everybody, if you have siblings who are married, splitting the holidays so that you guys all get on the same schedule and I think a lot of couples split it 50-50. You might spend time with one family for Thanksgiving, one family for Christmas. And then flip. And if you have siblings, hopefully try to get on the same schedule. And then, if you live in the same town, it sometimes makes it easier I think, too, because you can do both families depending on things. It’s just a conversation you’ve got to have. You have to and don’t wait until the last minute because it’ll just end up with hurt feelings.

Q: So, what about interfaith couples?

A: Again, I think it’s the same conversation. You just got to have a conversation, like, because I know there’s a lot of other holidays around Christmas time that maybe you want to spend or maybe you don’t really celebrate any holidays in December, so you spend Thanksgiving always with your family and Christmas with the other person’s family. It’s all about that communication and kind of deciding early on what you’re hoping to do and then knowing if you decide to have kids, you might reevaluate that down the line. I know, for us, since we had a kiddo, it kind of changed what we were thinking what we wanted to do for the holidays.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday food or drink or both?

Samie: Oh, this is so much easier than asking me my favorite present. Okay, so favorite drink is probably The Holiday. It’s from New York and ever since we had it, it’s just been my favorite drink. So that’s my favorite drink and then, favorite food, I really love my mom’s stuffing.

Ryan: Drink is spiced apple cider and bourbon. And then, favorite food would have to be... Oh, favorite food would have to be the turkey sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. I love your mom’s stuffing, too, so that’d probably be my other answer.

Q: Shifting gears a little bit; holiday weddings. Yay or nay?

Samie: I think yay, yay-ish. I would say don’t have them actually on a holiday. I think that’s a lot to ask of your guests. But a holiday themed, like, I think December weddings are really beautiful. But I think it’s hard when you ask people to travel around the holidays. They have their own families to be with, unless you’re doing a family-only wedding, they have their own traditions that they want to be true to. If you’re asking them to give that up, it’s very expensive.

Ryan: I agree with you. I just think, on the holiday itself, people look forward to the holidays, people want to spend time on the holidays in the tradition way, typically.

Q: How can you tastefully incorporate holiday decor, if you are doing a winter wedding?

A: I think it depends if you want to go full-on holiday themed or not. I think if you truly want to incorporate holiday decor, I’ve seen some really pretty weddings with Christmas trees, like the flocked one here behind us, I feel like that’s really pretty and very neutral, it fits with a lot of different colors. And then, even a take on reds, maybe you don’t use a traditional red but more of like a burgundy or merlot or something like that that’s a deeper red that has that holiday feel without being too themed. But I think you can incorporate a lot of cute decor. I think, actually, ornaments make really cute decor. So there’s a lot of really unique ways to do it that are small touches without being overly red and green Christmas decor everywhere.

Q: What about incorporating holiday food and drinks?

A: Yeah, I think that’s a much easier way to incorporate the holidays. Especially if you want it to not feel overly Christmassy or something like that. You can do it through little touches. You know, maybe your favorite holiday cocktail, I’m sure we could share some good ideas that we have from the office of different holiday drinks but a fun, themed cocktail is a great way to do it. Maybe a little touch of mashed potatoes or whatever your favorite holiday food is, serving that in some way. So, I think you can have a lot of fun with it, especially with food and drink because it’s not as, like, in-your-face holiday as it would be if you have, like, Christmas trees everywhere.

Q: What are our holiday plans this year?

A: So, for Thanksgiving, we’re hosting this year. We’ll cook all day, eat for 45 minutes, and then clean for three days. We get to use our china which is all that matters. And then, for Christmas, we’ll host that again as well and then, it’s a lot of fun because we have a 2.5-year-old and she’ll get to open some presents and even last year she started to get into it even though she was still pretty young. I think this year it’s going to be hard to keep her from, like, just ripping into stuff. Because now she knows what presents are, she’s into it.  


Photo credit: Sarah Larae Photography