On this week's podcast episode, Bustld Co-Founders, Ryan and Samie, were interviewed by Jake and Page Fehling for their podcast Date Night with Jake and Paige. It’s about time we share a little more behind the scenes of Bustld with you all! Here are the top five questions Jake and Page had for Bustld.


How did Bustld come about?


By now we are sure you know Bustld was started by a husband and wife team, Ryan and Samie Roberts. One in data and technology and the other a wedding planner. But how exactly did they get the idea? About two years into Samie’s wedding planning business she was coming home from a wedding where Ryan was the assistant and while the wedding went well, it wasn’t necessarily the perfect fit for Samie.

“We were just chatting, and I was saying, ‘I wish there was a better way to connect to the right couple,’ said Samie. “And since Ryan has this tech background, all of a sudden, he was like, ‘I have this idea.’ I'm like, ‘All right. Let's do it.’"

With a three-hour car ride to go, Samie and Ryan dreamt up the idea and got started once they got home.


How has the quarantine been? What has changed since COVID-19?


The quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone. There are no rules or guidelines on how to handle things. How to work remotely, how to run a business remotely, how to plan your wedding remotely – none of it. But, given the circumstances Samie and Ryan have found a way to make it work. Luckily, Samie and Ryan are used to working together all of the time so staying home and working together all of the time isn’t much different for them.


From a working together perspective, we've been working closely together for so long, we didn't really miss a beat when it comes to that,” said Ryan.


But from a business perspective, they did pivot the business in order to better serve couples. Bustld launch LoveStream, virtual weddings by Bustld, to help couples include guests at their wedding, from a safe distance.


“The biggest change is we've actually just launched a virtual wedding platform. So, our couples will be able to livestream their weddings which isn't the original plan. It's not ideal. But again, we're just trying to help couples have the best day that they can, given the circumstances,” said Ryan.


What are some trends in the wedding industry right now?

As much as we wish it was under different circumstances, one of the biggest trends right now are elopements and micro-weddings.

“Interestingly enough, we were saying elopements were becoming popular. Now, they're popular by default,” said Samie.

The intimacy to an elopement or a micro-wedding just can’t be beat. Also, with micro-weddings, you can stretch your budget a little further because your head count is a little smaller.


How do you make having two different skill sets work?

There’s no hiding that Samie handles the creative side of the business and Ryan handles the tech, data and sales side. They have two totally different skill sets, but in this business, it ends up being a good thing for the co-founders.

“I think it's a good thing in that we balance each other out. We're good at the opposite things that the other person's not good at,” said Ryan. “But it definitely makes things interesting because we have very different perspectives. And we're both very passionate. We get heated but then we figure it out.”


What’s next?

LoveStream is the next big focus for Bustld. Bustld is working toward continuing to help couples have the best wedding day they can and right now, that’s means a virtual wedding. After that, it’s focusing on continuing to expand and change the way couples and vendors discover one another.

“We have a few things that have spun out of coronavirus. But the biggest thing is that we're going to be continuing to expand and help people connect. We're going to be rolling out some more planning tools for couples. Really trying to make it this all-inclusive plan from home, plan from work, plan from wherever you happen to be, in whatever state the world is. So, really giving couples more tools to plan is probably some of the biggest things that are coming out in the future,” said Ryan.


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