Hopefully, you’ll have your engagement ring for a long time, and it will likely be getting a lot of wear. Treat your ring with some love, and care for it the right way!


The easiest way to keep your ring clean is to buy an at-home cleaner you can use yourself. There are even cleaning machines you can buy now to really give it some extra shine. If you’re more of “someone else do it for me, please” kind of person, then check with your jeweler on their cleaning options. Some will offer complimentary cleanings for their customers, some might charge a fee.


Aside from cleaning your ring, it’s all about personal preference of whether or not you take your ring off for things that involve your hands. Taking your ring off for things like showering, working out and doing the dishes certainly lowers the risk for anything happening to it, but that’s all part of life and hopefully you have insurance on it anyways! It’s always smart to have your rings checked out once a year to see if any diamonds are loose or prongs have been stretched, especially if you don’t take your ring off frequently.


Rather than taking your ring off for daily activities that use your hands, it may be beneficial to have a second ring. Rubber rings have become increasingly popular and are a great alternative for those that work as doctors or nurses that use your hands all day long or that work out frequently. It’s also common to have a backup ring for traveling so you don’t have to worry about anything happening while you areaway.


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