The Bustld Pro Team set down with the incredible Laurie Louis to find out who is behind the customized stationary brand Laurie Louis ... 

Meet Laurie Louis, an out-of-the-box girl with a passion for unique wedding paper goods that reflect each couple.

If you are a bold, modern bride looking for wedding stationary then you are in the right price. Laurie loves clean lines, geometric shapes and vibrant colors paired with old brick, wood or metal. She especially loves designing invitations for nautical, beach and vineyard weddings. Don’t expect to see any traditional white invitations with black text in Laurie’s repertoire.

“My invitations are all about the design and creating a memory,” she says. “I sit down with the couple and listen to how they met, where they met, what they love to do, where their wedding is going to be… then I take all these things to create an invitation that represents the couple and their journey.”

Laurie believes that wedding invitations need to be a true reflection of the couple and their wedding day because they are the first impression of what to expect on your big day. When you make the stationary suite an after thought via either DIY or an online option it doesn’t properly set the tone.

“It is so wonderful to see that pretty envelope with their name in a nice bold font in the mailbox and know it’s not a bill. You want your guests to know that your wedding is an event they don’t want to miss. Spending time on a customized invitation will convey just that.”

Creating an invitation that reveals something about the couple and how they plan to celebrate their wedding is always Laurie’s ultimate goal. You don’t want the invitation to feel like you could replace the names with another set and it still convey the same thing. Some examples of feelings you can evoke?

  • Fun and inviting with funky wording
  • Formal with cursive black font
  • Casual with wood grain
  • Rustic with colored white string lights

Start thinking about invitations early. Save the dates go out 5 to 8 months in advance and, while invitations don’t go out until 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, you want to make sure you have time to create the perfect invitation and plan for any last minute problems.

When the invitation process is all said and done, don’t forget about your wedding day paper needs like table numbers, place cards, seating charts, menus, programs and welcome bag notes. Nothing says you thought about every detail more than matching paper goods.

Still looking to craft the perfect set of wedding stationary for your Charlotte wedding? Contact Laurie Louis today by clicking here.