Bustld sat down with the co-owner of Peak Limo, Faith Glasgow, to learn more about how they help couples on wedding day.

It all started in New York during Faith’s father-in-law’s retirement from Jet Blue. There were about 12 family members there to celebrate and join her father-in-law on his last flight. They needed a way to get to the airport and the limo ride was “interesting to say the least.” Faith and her husband Shawn knew they could offer a much better, customer driven experience. Peak was founded in 2005 with Faith leaving the corporate world and joining the business in 2008.

And how is Peak Limo holding up to that standard?

“This is the million dollar answer for any business. I believe what makes us different can be attributed to three qualities: One, we believe you deserve the best we can offer; Two, we believe in being transparent and honest; Three, we believe that because we treat our staff like family, they in turn will treat you the same way,” said Faith. “Logistically, we offer new products, intuitive communication and employ our staff. The list goes on and on but the only real way to know, is to experience [Peak Limo].”

It was a natural progression for Peak Limo to enter the wedding market, especially since weddings hold such a special place in Faith’s heart. “It’s the biggest day in the beginning of a couple’s life and I enjoy seeing people in this shining moment,” she said.

The Bustld team wanted to know, when a couple steps into one of your cars what is the number one priority? “Our main priority when a guest steps inside our vehicle is that they feel welcomed by our chauffeurs who are kind, attentive and courteous, they get to their destination stress-free and the vehicle is clean and exceeds their expectations,” said a Peak Limo driver. Faith added: “We want to do what’s right, fair and economical for every couple… it’s a win-win!”

The company’s values shine through in every ride they complete. Family, and treating guests like family, is true to the core at Peak Limo where the name was inspired by Faith and Shawn’s daughter:

“At the time we founded Peak our daughter was three and a half years old and just learning to write her name, which begins with a “P,” said Faith. “As she was writing in crayon, my husband had a moment of clarity and wanted, very much, for her to a part of our company. He took her crayon drawing, scanned the image and sent it off to the designer. He used her original writing, cleaned up the edges ever so slightly and the “P” you see in Peak today is from our daughter learning to write her name.”

Peak offers a wide array of transportation options: airport, corporate, wine tours, brewery tours, evenings out, celebrations and weddings. They also offer city tours, out-of-town transportation and real estate tours. Contact them here for more information on how they can help you on wedding day!