The Bustld team chatted weddings with Kristen and Rob Tesar to find out what inspires them and makes them the perfect fit for couples …

Rob + Kristen Photography’s style is best summed up as colorful and emotional. “We try to capture candid moments throughout the day in unexpected ways but we are also very hands on when it comes to creating epic portraits of our couples,” explains the duo.

But we wanted to know, besides style, what makes them different?

“We invest a lot of time in getting to know our clients on a personal level. It's important to us to understand the nature of each couple's relationship so that we can capture that as authentically as possible. We really love when our clients tell us that we captured exactly who they are together.”

For these two, the photos they both cherish from childhood and previous years are all about the moments. “They evoke so much more of an emotional response than any posed portrait ever could, and those photos have the power to take you back to your thoughts and feelings in that exact moment,” they said. Which is why prioritizing these emotional experiences on wedding day for those we weren’t able to be present and for years to come is so critical to who they are. “We really treasure being our clients’ family historians.”

When we asked them why creating a relationship with their couples was so important, they said: “We want our clients to trust us and to be fully relaxed while we photograph them. It's so crucial to the process of capturing who they really are, and we do our very best work when we are in tune to our clients' emotions.”

So it’s no surprise that most new couples reach out because they feel emotionally connected to the images of the other couples Rob and Kristen have worked with before. “We also tend to book a lot of clients who aren't super lovey-dovey or PDA oriented because they see that we are able to work with clients in a way that feels relaxed and not so cheesy.”

For people who love every emotion on wedding day, we had to know what their favorite moment was?

“For Rob, it's the first time the couple is alone together for the first time (whether that's after the ceremony or during the first look). For Kristen, it varies a lot depending on the wedding but any kind of emotional exchange between the bride or groom and their parents usually has her in tears.”

We always ask, anything else our couples should know about you, and …

“We love weddings with dogs! Seriously. We l-o-v-e dogs. We also really enjoy photographing weddings where the bride and/or groom have children. Those weddings are always so special, and we love seeing kids' reactions to everything that happens on a wedding day.”

So what are you waiting for? Head over to their profile today and message them to set up a time to chat weddings and dogs. Does it get better?

*Photo courtesy of Jeff Newsom Photography