When asked what the number one concern is for wedding day, most brides often tell me “the weather!” But, as much as I would love to be able to control this factor, its one of the few things we absolutely can’t control (other than plan B and plan C). With Hurricane Matthew sweeping through the Carolinas last weekend, I thought this was the perfect time to share some rainy day tips for your Charlotte wedding (coming from the girl who said “I Do” during Hurricane Irene in New York City) …

  1. Preparation is key. You’ve selected your venue and it has the PERFECT outdoor space for your ceremony. YAY! But, what is the rain plan? Can you tent the space? Is there an indoor alternative? How far in advance do you have to make the rain decision? Are there generators? Where are the indoor photo spots? Think about a worst-case scenario before you sign on the dotted line and you will be happy either way.
  2. Be flexible. After months and months of planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the Plan A. But if you show up on wedding day and the dark skies are rolling in, you need to be flexible. No, you may not get the perfect shot in the field but you will still marry your honey. And it will still be beautiful and the best day of your life. Hiring a planner who can help make these tough decisions helps to reduce the stress so you can roll with the punches.
  3. Embrace it. I remember thinking, how can a hurricane be hitting on my perfect day! But, once I embraced it, it really did turn into the ultimate hurricane party complete with clear “I Love NY” umbrellas, and the best party ever. So, go with the cards your dealt – buy umbrellas, take photos in the rain, and have the time of your life. It might not be exactly how you imagined but that often makes for the most memorable moments.

When it’s all said and done, wedding day is about so much more than the gorgeous flowers and delicious cake. It’s about marrying your other half, celebrating with your friends and family, and the endless memories that are created.  

Photo courtesy of Big Cake Photography, via Something Perfect