Kids are adorable but do you want them at your Charlotte wedding? It’s an age-old question that spurs lots of debate among engaged couples and their families. So should you or shouldn’t you? Here are a few things to consider … 

  • Guest count is your biggest budget contributor. This includes kids. While their meals are often discounted (the amount depends on the Charlotte wedding caterer you are working with), you still need to count them toward your rental needs and (likely) cake. 
  • They are guaranteed to be on the dance floor. This could be a pro or a con depending on where you stand on the issue. Nothing’s cuter than a little one showing off their dance moves but as the night continues, you may prefer to have a different kind of dance party.
  • Their behavior is often unpredictable. This makes for some hilarious moments (kids really do say the darndest things) or it could certainly go the other way around with a kid crying as you say, “I do.” 
  • You need to consider childcare. If you choose to have an adults-only affair, you need to offer some kind of childcare option that you pay for or offer to the parents to cover. 
  • You may have unhappy guests. Some parents love an excuse for a night out alone while others may not be so happy. Keep in mind by excluding kids, you may have some guests who choose to use this as a reason not to attend your wedding.

Check back next week for some tips on how to word your invitation for a kid-free reception.

*Photo courtesy of Rob + Kristen Photography. Click here to learn more & contact them!