I’m sort of from Charlotte, which is something that I think so many people can relate to. I’ve been here long enough that it’s home but technically its not my hometown. But the reason I’ve stayed (and come back in my case) is because Charlotte is amazing. In addition to being an incredible place to live, it’s also an incredible place to get married (which is exactly why I started my planning business here!). So here are my top reasons why I think you should stay or come to Charlotte for your nuptials: 

It’s pretty much always beautiful.

There are very few cities that you can get married any month of the year and still have incredible weather.  Yes some months are hotter, some are colder but they are all still manageable and perfect for a wedding.

The venues are gorgeous.

We have everything: beautiful rustic barns (like Rural Hill), historic homes (like The Duke Mansion), gorgeous museums (like The Mint Museum and Levine Museum of the New South), beautiful gardens (like Daniel Stowe Botancial Gardens), some stunning hotels (like Ballantyne Hotel), and everything in between. Charlotte has the perfect venue for every couple’s taste and style.

There is a lot to do.

For your friends and family, traveling to a new place for a wedding is fun. In addition to a great party, they get to explore all the city has to offer which with Charlotte is a lot. Guests can enjoy a day at the lake, culture in uptown, NASCAR history (or a possibly a race itself), gorgeous parks, golf outings, exclusive shopping in South Park or even an amusement park at Carowinds. The city offers fun for all ages and interests that are sure to delight your guests.

It’s fun.

After an incredible night of hosting your closest friends and family, many of them (and possibly you) will want to continue the celebration. Charlotte has a lot to offer as far as nightlife goes in all areas of town, meaning the party can continue on!

It’s an easy place to visit.

I work with a lot of couples like me who live in Charlotte now but are originally from all over the country. That being said, out of towners often account for anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of our couple’s overall guest list. Choosing Charlotte makes things easy on your guests: lots of straight flight options, there is almost every hotel imaginable at every price point around the city and it’s easy to get around. Add in all the first four reasons and your loved ones will be stoked to visit and celebrate your marriage.

**Photo by Samantha Laffoon Photography