The Bustld Pro Team sat down with Three Region to find out what makes them the right fit for couples…

For Jessica Fowler of Three Region, keeping wedding day photos true to life is a big priority.

“My style is eclectic, fun and minimally edited. I want your photos to represent your personalities, style and look like you,” says Jessica. “I love movement and candid photos, so your wedding portraits will be full of those little half smiles, secret glances and bursts of laughter.”

Three Region uses a variety of photographic styles to create a one-of-a-king image that truly captures wedding day the exact way you remember it. 

“Not everyone wants those uber romantic, light and airy photos,” says Jessica. That’s where Three Region comes in. “Bright colors, fun shadows and adventures locations are what our couples crave.”

And she always goes the extra mile. “I’ve done everything from carving initials into trees, jumping into swamps and driving across the state for the must have mountain engagement photos,” she says.

Jessica’s passion for what she does is obvious. I love “getting to be a part of a magical love story … and eating cake! But really, I just love getting to know new people, hear their romance, capture the emotion they feel toward one another and admire all the hard work and designing that went into their day.”

The one moment she looks forward to every wedding? “When the couple is walking back down the aisle after sealing the deal! Those fun ecstatic smiles are some of my favorite moments to capture. It’s just pure elation.”

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