Sometimes couples feel uncomfortable about registering, after all it is a clear ask for a gift. But what couples don’t understand is a wedding invitation is one of the few invitations that already is an unspoken request for a gift (registry or not). While you should never list your registry on your invitation (check out Emily Post’s thoughts here), your guests do appreciate when you register (it should be listed on your website and mentioned to close friends & family who can spread the word).

Registries are actually incredibly helpful to your guests. They want to gift you with something you want, not a random pot or pan just because they have to. By registering, you will lead them in the right direction. It is very helpful to your guests who do want to shower you with gifts. Today, it is also okay to request cash or register for something untraditional, like a TV at Best Buy, hiking gear at REI, a drill at Home Depot, an excursion on your honeymoon or a portion of the new couch you've been wanting to invest in. It’s all in how you word it!

Do keep in mind, some of your guests won’t feel comfortable giving cash or understand buying something untraditional so it is always helpful to have at least one traditional registry for a few household items you’d love. Your guests will thank you!

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