It’s a difficult task to choose the ideal photographer for your wedding. That’s something that many couples understand. However, manycouples stop at hiring the photographer. Once they have one, they’re confident in whatever work he or she will do. If your wedding is around the corner, it’s crucial to choose the right photography style for your theme. Here is what you need to know:


Do Your Research

Researching is the simplest way to get an idea of what you want for your wedding photos. At this point, you don’t need to involve your photographer just yet. Research the photographers online, including looking at their websites. Keep in mind that photographers have their own preferred styles for weddings.

In addition to looking at photographer’s websites, also look at real wedding photo albums. You can find them online or borrow albums from your married friends. This will help to define the style you should aim for.


Understand the Different Styles

It’s also important to know the different wedding photography styles and try matching them to your wedding theme. Here are some common styles:

Fine Art Film Style

If you frequent Instagram, then you must have already seen this photography style. Fine art film photos tend to be light, airy and dreamy. Photographers of this style usually strive to create art, and the style is ideal for any modern wedding. In this style, every moment is a potential photo.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary photography is usually a dramatic mix of trendy, striking, and romantic shots. Your photographer will guide you in posing for unique and exciting pictures. It’s a matter of combining modern trends and timeless portraiture while leveraging artistic angles to capture every moment. Contemporary photos can have beautiful bridesmaids showing off their gorgeous shoes or the groom carrying the bride.

Romantic Style

This style only works best for pictures of the groom and bride. The photos capture the authentic love experience of a couple, as well as their happiness at that very moment. The good thing is that this style can be brought out in any wedding photoshoot. You can spruce up things by trying several romantic poses.

Documentary Style

Documentary photos tend to be more candid, and they capture your real emotions. This style is ideal for capturing select interactions and moments during your wedding. The photos appear more organic, telling a story of how your big day unfolded.

Traditional Style

If you want something classic, then the traditional style is ideal for you. It has withstood the test of time, but the style is not always trendy. Traditional photos are timeless, elegant and calm, the kind you have seen in your parent’s or grandparent’s album. 

Editorial Style

Think the kind of photos you see in magazines, like GQ, Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue. These can be the couple’s portraits and pictures of details like, wedding rings, tablescapes, guest books or hanging dresses. The overall look is usually clean and crisp, and this style is the most common among photographers. The aim is usually to bring out a sexy and edgy look.

Dark and Dramatic Style

Not all couples love colorful and bright photos. Darker photos are becoming a thing nowadays, with photographers trying to explore their creativity. This style is usually strong and fearless, and photographers use moody lighting to capture the right moments.


Talk to Your Photographer

Now that you have researched and understood the different photography styles, you’ll now need to interview photographers. You should have specific ideas in mind to share with them but also keep an open mind to their suggestions. Before booking a photographer, ensure your photographer understands the style you want, and their work matches it.


Final Thoughts

Nothing is exciting as long lasting memories of your wedding day. Wedding photos give you a chance to relive every moment for many years. So, as you focus on finding a good photographer, pay attention to the wedding styles.


Content submitted by Honeyfund. Photo Credit [vetted] Samantha Laffoon