Brides, it matters where you choose to get ready on your wedding day! This space has a huge impact on the look and feel of your photos. If you think about it, a good portion of your wedding day is spent in this space. From the detail shots of your invitation suite and shoes, to your candid getting ready photos, to getting into the dress of your dreams.

All of these photos are important; and, that is why you should consider this space very carefully when touring venues. Consider asking the venue owner for some professional photos of brides "getting ready" at their venue so you can see what your photos will likely look like. When looking at the space there are two components to consider – natural light and the size of the room.


Natural Light

My husband and I are natural light specialists; we use the sun and it’s reflections to make beautiful photographs that are timeless and true to you as a couple. Therefore, since we prefer to utilize natural light in our photographs, a getting ready location with a neutral wall color and ample windows is ideal to create these timeless images. Ideally, there will be more than one window in the room which allows both your photographer and makeup artist to work in tandem.


A good test to see if the potential getting ready space is ideal for natural light? Shut off all the lights in the room and open all the curtains. Is it still relatively light in the room? If you want the kind of photos we capture, then the answer should be yes.


Size Of The Room

You might not think of this while touring the venue of your dreams but the size of the "getting ready" space is very important. Think about it, the bride and her bridesmaids are going to be utilizing this space for hair and makeup, while other friends and family pop in and out of the room all day to check in. Add in a few vendors and it’s important to have space for everyone while allowing your team (like your photographers!) to do what they do best.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Hicks Photography