Wedding catering menus can cover a wide variety of styles, presentations and prices. So selecting the right menu can often be overwhelming, especially since so many caterers can do so many different types of food and service. Here are some tips on how to select the right catering menu for your Charlotte wedding ...

  • Start with budget.

If you have an idea of the cost per person you can spend it can help you narrow down your caterer and service style (buffet v. stations v. plated v. family style).

  • Think about your personality.

Select items that reflect the personality of the couple. Think: your favorite food, the first meal you ate together, your heritage (the list goes on and on). While you want it to showcase your personality, remember you are the host of the party so don't choose anything too unique or palate specific that wouldn't somewhat appeal to all of your guests.

  • It's all about logistics.

Food for big groups is a tricky thing so make sure you talk to your caterer about whether the food will be prepared on or off-site, travel time to the venue and what's available to prepare food at your selected venue.

  • Consider dietary restrictions.

Do you have a  friend who is gluten-free? A bunch of vegetarian family members? Keep that in mind when planning your menu so they can at least have a choice or two come wedding day.

  • Dress it up.

A wedding is all about the small details so don't forget to add some creative touches to your dinner presentation. Things like decorative chalkboards, dry erase platters or menu signs that show off your dinner menu are sure to get guests excited about what's for dinner.