Food stations are a hot new trend for Charlotte weddings that the Bustld team loves! A station style reception offers a variety of different food options throughout the room, encourages guests to mix and mingle and decreases wait time for food. All of these outcomes enhance the guest experience and after all, as the host of the party it’s a serious win when your guests are happy!

So how do you choose a station menu for your Charlotte wedding reception? 

1.Start with likes and dislikes. Think about your go-to meal, your favorite meal you’ve ever had and the best meal your mom makes. Then think about those meals that haven’t been your favorite or ingredients that make your stomach turn. With stations, you can showcase a variety of types of foods so this is an especially great place to start.

2.Don’t forget about your guests. Do you have a lot of gluten-free guests or vegetarians? Do you love exotic food but your guest’s tastes are a bit simpler? You’re the hostess so think about then as well. 

3.Make it a complete meal. There is nothing worse than leaving a wedding  (you know it’s true!). Have enough stations that guests can have a complete meal – a protein, vegetables and carb option are essential. This could mean a carving station, salad station and mashed potato station or stations that offer different options like taco stations, sushi stations, etc. 

4.Make it clear it’s dinner. Stations can be tricky so you want to make sure guests know that this is dinner (not a long cocktail hour). The best way to do this is keep the stations open for as long as possible (talk to your caterer about this) and announce when dinner stations will open. You also want to make sure you have enough food to fill up every one of your guests.

**Photo courtesy of Something Classic