For most couples, music plays a huge role in planning the perfect wedding. Although there are lots of creative variations, the biggest decision when it comes to your wedding music is band or DJ? To hopefully assist you with this decision, below are some useful tips to open your minds to a world of musical possibilities to help you create a truly unique and unforgettable event with family and friends!


Why we love DJs:

  • DJs allow you to enjoy your favorite songs sung by the original artists. Let us be honest, no one can sing Whitney Houston better than Whitney Houston!
  • DJs offer a huge repertoire of music, which makes for a lot of fun variety between your cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. From Sinatra to Bruno Mars, DJs can play it all.
  • Breaks are less critical for DJs than with bands, and may not even be required at all (though I’m sure your DJ would appreciate it). With the magic of technology, your DJ can pre-set a series of songs to play while they do take a break without an obvious disruption in the musical flow.
  • DJ equipment generally requires very little space. Often a table in the corner with access to power is all your DJ needs, so if you are working with a unique venue, this can be beneficial. 


Details to consider:

  • A cheesy or awkward DJ can kill the mood. We recommend thoroughly vetting your DJ. Meet with them in person and make sure you really love their personality and that their energy is consistent with the feel you desire for your special day.
  • Your DJ will most likely be playing an important role as emcee for your reception events, so be sure they are comfortable getting the attention of your guests to announce important moments, such as your first dance, toasts and cake cutting.
  • Although DJs offer the option of having less set up than a full band, some DJs still come with a lot of equipment. Large speakers and wires might stand out and conflict with your perfectly planned reception décor so be sure be ask your DJ about set up details, including look and feel.
  • Wedding DJs are often significantly cheaper than their live counterparts.


Why we love bands:

  • A great live performance can quickly energize your crowd. A good rapport between singer, musicians and your guests is unmatched by digital tracks.
  • A band provides your guests with something to watch—if they can’t dance or just need a break to rub their feet, your friends and family can sit back and enjoy the show with a great cocktail or slice of wedding cake.
  • The band leader will frequently serve as emcee for your receptions, so his/her comfort performing in front of a crowd makes announcing the evening’s important events a cinch and often times very engaging for your guests.
  • With a great live band, you can almost guarantee that your reception will be one of a kind! Good musicians can easily gauge when a crowd needs a tempo change and bring an engaging factor to your reception that audio tracks just can’t do.

Details to consider:

  • The equipment and area required for a band can take up a lot of space, so make sure your venue can accommodate everything from your musicians to their instruments and other factors, like a stage and electrical hookups.
  • Bands tend to offer less of a variety of music and some song requests may be limited. Many bands have their own style and that usually reflects across the majority of the songs they play. If possible, take the opportunity to listen to them perform live so you can really gauge their energy.
  • Live music can sometimes be very loud, especially in a small or enclosed venue.
  • Wedding bands are, on average, significantly more expensive than DJs.


When making your decision, ask yourselves these questions:

  • How much space can my venue offer for dancing and a band or DJ?
  • How much am I willing to spend for entertainment and which option is a better fit to my budget?
  • Would I rather have original artists and recordings or unique and variable covers?

In the end, we don’t think there is a wrong decision when choosing between a live band or a DJ. The ultimate goal is to have a fun, memorable and exciting wedding and we think that is possible with either choice! 


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Photo credit Clark Berry Photography, Entertainment by Party Time DJs