Postponing weddings have never been as common as it is right now thanks to COVID-19. Because of that, there’s a lot that can get forgotten. We want to make sure that’s not the case! If you have decided to postpone your wedding, follow our easy checklist and take note of these common oversights.


Hotel Room Blocks

The hotel that is hosting your room block isn’t technically a day of wedding vendor, so they are often forgotten about. But a hotel room block is a huge part of your guest experience and you don’t want to leave your guests high and dry.


Contact the hotel you booked at and talk to them about switching the dates of your room block. If you didn’t sign a contract with attrition, it shouldn’t be difficult. If you did sign a contract, make sure you discuss any financial implications with them.


Make sure to update your wedding website with any new booking information and include a direct contact at the hotel for guests with any questions about their reservation.



Same thing as the hotel with your room block, your attire vendors are not actually day of vendors so they might not be top of mind. However, attire is an important part of the day so it’s definitely not something you want to forget about! Make sure to reschedule all your dress fittings and your suit rental pick up or delivery.


Other Events

Yes, the wedding is the main event, which is why all your focus is on rescheduling those vendors. But what about the vendors and logistics behind any other wedding weekend events you planned? You’ll need to work with your rehearsal dinner venue to reschedule, as well as any other vendors you may have contracted for that. Other events also include your rehearsal itself and any welcome party, bridal luncheon or farewell brunch.


Dated Paper Products

Aside from your invitations, you may have planned to print other paper goods for wedding day with your date on it. Things like programs, a welcome sign or even a seating chart often feature the date. Make sure you work with your paper good provider to edit all of those products with your new date.


New Season, New Timeline

Many weddings are being postponed until the fall or summer season, which is great that you will still have the opportunity to see your wedding dreams come to life. However, a different season means different lighting and timing than the spring season. This could affect your timeline, especially if the new date is after daylight savings time. Keep that in mind!


New Due Dates

With the shift in dates, you’ll have a shift in due dates for final numbers and final payments. And all of those things might change because with a new date you’ll likely have a new headcount. Make sure you mark those new due dates on your calendar, so they don’t fall off your radar!


Photo credit [vetted] Abby Byrd Photography