So, you’ve considered the benefits of a room block and decided to book one – good for you! When the time comes to officially book your block, make sure you’ve considered the following:  


Location is Key

Wedding Location

The first thing to think about is where the venue is, of course.The hotel block should be centrally located to your reception venue and/or ceremony venue so that it's easy for guests to travel to and from.


You'll also want to think about if you have a lot of people coming in from the airport. How are they going to get to the hotel? Does the hotel offer some kind of airport transportation, do you anticipate your guests renting cars or is it easy access to an Uber?


Rural Location

Remember how we said location was key? Well, if there's not a lot of options where you are getting married, you’ll definitely want to make sure you block rooms early in the planning process. Then, encourage people to book early by including a note on the save the date or your wedding website. You'll want to make sure you get that word out if there aren't a lot of options to make sure that everyone has a place to stay.


It can also be a good idea to block a hotel in the closest city center if your venue is in a rural location. It’s a great way for out of town guests to enjoy your city in a central location. Make sure to note any travel distance on your wedding website.


City Happenings

Check your wedding weekend for any special events going on that weekend as far in advance as you can. If there’s something happening, like a marathon, festival, parade or NFL football game, chances are a lot of hotels will fill up quickly and prices will increase as it nears. Lock in your room block quickly if that’s the case! 


Costs to Consider


We recommend you block hotels at two to three hotel options.We recommend an option at both a lower and middle tier hotel, and a higher tier hotel if your guests will expect that.You want something that will appeal to all of your guests, no matter what their budget is.


Added Fees

Make sure you consider the added fees that might add up for you. If you are planning to do welcome bags, will the hotel hand those out complimentary or is there a fee? If you are planning to get ready at the hotel is parking included for your vendors like your beauty artist and photographer? On that same thought, if you are getting ready there are you allowed to bring in your own food or are you required to purchase it through the hotel?


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Photo Credit: Adrian Etheridge Photography