One of the first things you think about when planning for your bar is whether you will offer wine and beer only or a full bar. Either way, you may want to offer a signature cocktail. After all, what better way to show off your personality than giving guests a taste of your favorite drink! A lot goes in to creating a signature cocktail so make sure you give it some thought using these tips:


Every cocktail needs a name.Have fun with this one! This can be something about the two of you (or each of you if you each have a signature cocktail!) or maybe something you share in common, like your dog, hometown or favorite band. Play of word appreciated here!

Consider the look. It’s always an added bonus if your drink is color coordinated with the rest of your wedding. Having a lavender themed wedding? Add a sprig of lavender to your cocktail. A pink wedding? Add a little Chambord (for sweet) or cranberry (for bitter) to your drink.

Go local. With the onset of local breweries and distilleries, adding a local liquor to your cocktail can be a great way to showcase your wedding city to those who traveled to be there for you. 

Think about your guests. While it’s your wedding, you certainly want to also consider those you love most who are coming to support you. If you know you don’t have a big tequila drinking crowd, it might not make sense to have a margarita as your signature cocktail.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure you properly prepare by ordering the right amount of garnishes and glasswareneeded for your signature cocktail.
  • Decide on serving time – will the drink be served only during cocktail hour or throughout the night – and plan accordingly.
  • Consider the logistics. If your cocktail will take a long time to make consider adding a bartender (or two) to avoid long lines at the bar. Or see if the cocktail can be made beforehand and served as a punch.
  • Don’t forget signage! A cute sign on the bar explaining what’s in your cocktail to your guests is a must!
  • If you have a specific recipe in mind, make sure you share it with your bartender prior to wedding day so the drink is made to your liking. 

Finally, don’t forget to taste test your cocktail (hard work, we know!) with a few of your most trusted friends and family to make sure the drink will be a hit on wedding day.


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Photo Credit: Samantha Laffoon Photography