After you’ve defined your style and decided what on the feel for your wedding day, it’s time to actually translate that into your wedding day style.


To help us talk through how to do that, we chatted with Bustld’s very own Marketing and Events Manager and Something Perfect’s Lead Planner, Lauren Gomez.



Attire can set the tone for the day. Color, style, length and even accessories of not just the couple but the wedding party can set the tone. For a formal feel, men should be in tuxes and women in long dresses. For a classic feel, men should be in black and women in matching dresses. For a boho feel, men are typically in lighter colors and ladies in mismatching and maybe even floral-patterned dresses. You get the point.



A key piece of your wedding décor will likely be flowers, so they can change your style and vibe in a heartbeat. For example, if you are inside, they can change the whole room to feel like you are really outside. They can also range from a formal, classic vibe with hydrangeas and roses in neutral colors to a less informal, whimsical vibe with wildflowers in an assortment of colors. Also, how you arrange the flowers makes a difference; tight, round shapes tend to be more traditional while looser, textured arrangements have more of a garden, whimsical feel.



Aside from the floral centerpieces you might have on tables, the tablescape in general contributes to style. What color linen, are there chargers, what kind of flatware or drinkware – it all makes a difference.


“Do you have chargers that are more formal and solid gold or woven rattan for something more beachy and casual? Do you have Chiavari chairs that are more traditional, or do you have cross-back chairs that are more rustic or industrial?” explained Lauren. 



Lighting can also change the vibe immediately. If it’s darker and lit by natural candlelight it feels more romantic and intimate. Lighting can also add focus to certain elements you may want people focusing on.



On top of all of that, there’s general decorations that add to both style and vibe. Statement pieces like a champagne wall says formal and luxurious while a flower wall says romantic and whimsical. Wood signage says rustic while acrylic signage says modern.


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