Unique ideas for wedding paper goods to make your wedding stand out!


There’s no question that every wedding needs certain paper goods – invitations, table numbers, seating chart. But don’t overlook the extras that add a nice touch to any wedding. We’re talking about welcome signs, programs, menu cards, hashtag signs, etc. Make these added details really stand out with these unique ideas for all wedding paper good needs!


Invitation Suite

Set the tone for creative paper goods with the invitation suite. Wow wedding guests up front with a completely customized and unique idea. Create a wedding logo and use it on invitations or get a custom, hand drawn map of where wedding activities are happening. Go for a custom liner for your envelopes. For something totally different, print wedding invitations on acrylic! 



It’s nice when guests can see who’s who and the order of events for the ceremony. Consider doing one large program at the entrance of the ceremony for something different. It could be a large chalkboard sign or a large mirror to add a decorative statement. For unique individual program ideas, print them on something different – like fans or small tissue boxes.


Table Numbers

There are a lot of ways to get creative with table numbers. From the actual table names to the table number sign. Instead of the usual numbers, table numbers can be personalized by using the names of places traveled to, airport codes or years that hold meaning. For table number signs, use acrylic or wood for printing on, depending on the wedding style. Use tall numbers placed in the flowers for more table space or wine bottles for some extra personalization. 

Seating Chart/Escort Cards

For a seating chart, use something that will also serve as a decorative display. For something more rustic, use some string and clothespins to hang cards with each table’s guests. For a more vintage look, find an old window and write on the glass pane or an old shutter and hang escort cards. A moss wall with escort cards would be perfect to enhance a garden-esque wedding. Alternatively, the set up could be kept simple and the escort cards could make a statement themselves. Some ideas that are easy enough to write on are acrylic, agate, seashells, leaves or marble.


Menu Card

Wedding guests always appreciate so guests know what they are eating. Menu cards can be printed on a variety of different things aside from paper, similar to escort cards. Depending on your wedding style, continue using similar materials for a consistent look and feel. Also, including a personalized thank you note on the menu card is a really special touch. 


Miscellaneous Signage

From welcome signs to bar menus to hash tag signs, and everything in between… there are so many signs you can use!

Pro Tip: It’s important to find a healthy balance to the amount of signage you use!


Use materials that match the wedding style. For a modern look, try a hanging acrylic welcome sign. For a more boho look, try macramé weaved into your signage. From chalkboards to mirrors to wooden signs with calligraphy – the options are endless!


Photo Credit: That Joy