As you are prepping for you dress shopping appointments and going through the shopping experience, you will probably start to notice some of the same styles popping up over and over again, or the opposite effect of seeing some styles you saw in past years fading away. Michelle Miller and Lindsey Principi of Maddison Row talked us through some of the current wedding dress trends (and what is fading away).

Say Hello To…

Sheer and Illusion

All those dresses that look like there’s nothing but skin there or it looks like things are just floating on the bride’s body? Well that’s all part of the sheer and illusion trend that is happening right now. 


Aside from actual dress trends, a big part of this year’s bridal look will be the accessories that complete the dress. We don’t mean jewelry and shoes, this is more along the lines of things you can add to your dress to enhance the look, like a sash.

“You can make your look really cool by adding trendy pieces but not necessarily on your gown,” explained Michelle and Lindsey. “Like, you can add a really trendy sash, or you can do something trendy with your veil.”


This trendy look is very vogue, traditional and classy. And there are so many different ways for it to be styled into a dress. There can be a bow in the back, a bow on the sleeves, a bow in the front, so many options!

Say Goodbye To…

All lace

This doesn’t mean lace is going away, it just means all lace everything won’t be as popular as it has been. Looks are becoming a little softer and cleaner looking, so there will just be less of it on the dress.


With looks becoming softer, the dramatic mermaid bottom is also taking a backseat right now. 

Always In Style…

Bateau Neckline

This classic look is something you can never go wrong with. Also, who really wants to deal with a strapless bra on wedding day?!

“Anything with a bateau neckline is very classic and beautiful, very Audrey Hepburn in Princess Grace,” Michelle and Lindsey agreed.


Another classic and traditional element on dresses that won’t ever go out of style is trains. Nothing beats a long train trailing behind a bride as she walks down the aisle. It just adds so much necessary drama!

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About This Week’s Guests: Michelle Miller and Lindsey Principi of Maddison Row South have 20 years of combined experience in helping brides find their perfect wedding dress. After several years of helping brides single handedly, they joined forces to create the most unforgettable experience for brides while shopping for their gown. Their combined experience has allowed them to help every bride find a gown and make sure it is perfect for their big day.  

Photo Courtesy of Maddison Row South