As you dive into wedding planning, you’ll start piecing together your vision and style for the day. But first, you need to know how to define what your style is. Then, you can create a vision for that style.


To help us chat through style, we talked with Bustld’s very own Marketing and Events Manager and Something Perfect’s Lead Planner, Lauren Gomez.


So, first things first. There are three main pieces to look at when trying to define your personal style. Within each of those pieces, there are signs and ways to translate that everyday style into a wedding style.


  1. What you wear

Even if you aren’t sure, you likely have a fashion style you tend to follow. If you dress regularly in heels and a dress you probably have a more glamorous style. Do you own cowboy boots that you love? Maybe is more your style. Or if you are into flowy floral dresses you might like the whimsical wedding look.


  1. Where you shop

Your style is also indicated by where you shop. Find yourself at J. Crew often? Then, you might be a little more classic and traditional. Anthropology your jam? You might be a little more and whimsical.


  1. What your home looks like

It’s not just about what you wear and where you shop for clothing. The same is also true for what you buy to decorate your house with.


“Do you have more gold and modern types of furniture or do you have more of that farmhouse look? You know, you really take the cues from your everyday life,” said Lauren.


When you look around do you see a lot of clean lines and minimal patterns? Well, you are probably a little bit more . Or do you see wooden signs, chunky knit blankets and greenery? Well, that farmhouse look makes you a little more rustic.


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Photo courtesy of [vetted] Awesome Blossoms