Have you always imagine walking down a white sandy beach with your fiancé standing at the end of the aisle and the crystal blue ocean sparkling behind them? If a destination wedding is something you are considering, you should consider both the pros and cons before making your decision. 


All inclusive

When planning a destination wedding, it is usually a little easier because most resorts or venues offer all-inclusive wedding packages. They expect their clients are not local and try to make the planning as easy as possible by bundling it all together. 

Smaller guest list

A smaller guest list not only means less cost, but it can also mean less headache. With a destination wedding people expect your guest list to be a little tighter, so often aren’t as upset if they aren’t invited.

Already at your honeymoon

With a destination wedding you will already be on vacation, so you’re essentially on an extended honeymoon. After the wedding, you don’t have to worry about travel because you are already there!

Picture perfect photos

You won’t have to worry about picking out an ideal location in the city for pictures, because with a destination wedding, the location is usually already picturesque. 



Not everyone can come

With a smaller guest list, it’s not a guarantee that everyone on your guest list will be able to come. There is usually extra travel and expenses involved for guests attending a destination wedding. 

Extra activity expenses

Aside from the cost of the wedding, there will likely be additional costs for group activities you incur. Maybe you want to go on a boat trip with your bridal party the day before the wedding or maybe you want to do a dinner the night of everyone’s arrival. 

More time off needed

A destination wedding usually means a little extra time off work involved. Typically, you arrive a few days before the wedding to kick off festivities, and then stay longer afterward to enjoy some alone time. There is obviously, also travel time required you need to factor in. 


Depending on where you choose for your destination wedding, there might be different laws in effect and actions you have to take to actually legalize your marriage. It just adds another factor to the planning process. 


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Photo Courtesy of Honeysuckle Events