Ah, yes. The question our ancestors have been trying to answer for millennia: Do I need a wedding hashtag? Kidding, obviously. In the long and storied history of marriage, the need for a wedding hashtag is incredibly recent.


Just how recent? Buzzfeed attempted to find the first couple to use a wedding hashtag, tracking it down to a Twitter exchange from 2008.


So how have wedding hashtags evolved over the last 12 years? These days, about 54% of couples decide to use wedding hashtags. Hashtags range from portmanteaus of the couples’ names (think celebrity mashups like Brangelina or Kimye) to alliterative phrases (#BecomingBrady) to puns (#ToHaveAndToHolden).


You Might Want a Wedding Hashtag if…

  • You have a large social media following and you want to grow that.
  • Your guests are socially engaged and likely to post about your wedding.
  • You don’t mind pictures of your wedding floating around the internet (especially in the sense that YOU won’t be the first person to post a picture of your own wedding).
  • You don’t mind people being on their phones or taking pics for social media at your wedding.
  • You have a lot of guests who won’t be able to make it but would still love to see pictures.


You Might Want to Skip a Wedding Hashtag if…

  • You are concerned about privacy. Anyone can search for a hashtag and find your pictures.
  • You have family and friends who might be icy that they weren’t invited to the wedding, yet you’re blasting it all over social media.
  • You have a common last name that will get lost in the mix of other couples with the same hashtag.
  • You and your guests don’t actively use social media. You might go through a lot of trouble for just a couple of posts.
  • You want to encourage guests to stay off of their phones during the wedding.


How to Get People to use your Wedding Hashtag

The final question, how do you get people to actually post using your wedding hashtag? First, give the guests specific instructions. Have signage at the wedding saying you WANT them to share photos of the event and to use your wedding hashtag. You can also include this on your invitations and encourage them to share pictures leading up to the wedding of their travels and adventures related to your event.


The Bottom Line:

Choosing whether or not to have a wedding hashtag might feel like a big step in the wedding planning process, but it truly comes down to personal preference!


Make sure to check out the rest of our planning tips, as well as our vetted vendors, to plan a hashtag-worthy wedding, whether you choose to use a hashtag or not!


Photo credit: Avonne Photography