Budgeting may not be the most fun part of wedding planning but it is definitely essential. While the big ticket items may be obvious, it's super important not to forget the smaller items that can add up fast:

  • Postage. Save the dates, wedding invitations and RSVP cards all need postage. While $0.49 a pop may not seem like a lot, it can certainly add up if you have a lot of guests. Something else to consider is the size and shape of your stationary which can lead to higher price stamps.
  • Tipping. Just like any service provided in your every day life, tipping is customary in the wedding world. Any service provider who exceeds your expectations should be tipped. This is something that can also add up quickly so make sure you account for it in the beginning.
  • Marriage License. For Charlotte weddings, this is only a $60 fee but it's still important to include it. Without it, you won't be legally married!
  • Accessories & Alterations. You might have accounted for your dress but what about shoes, veil, jewelry, undergarments and alternations. These are essential to your overall wedding day appearance.
  • Hotel Welcome Bags. These are pretty customary these days with majority of couples opting to gift something to their guests upon check in (it's all about the guest experience!). Keeping in mind that these bags can range anywhere from $5-$50+ per bag, it could certainly add up quickly. And don't forget to factor in those delivery fees at the hotel (someone needs to make sure the bags get to your guests!).

Wondering what else to budget for for your Charlotte wedding? This is something a Charlotte wedding planner can help you with! Check out our list of possible vendors for you here.


*Photo courtesy of Katherine Elena Photography