If wedding vendor tipping is new to you, which it is for most couples, then you probably have a few questions. And why shouldn’t you? To help, we’ve got the basic do’s and don’ts of wedding vendor tipping. 



  • Ask your planner to hand out your vendor tips during the wedding day so you don’t have to worry about it. If you don’t have a planner, appoint someone to do this and give them sealed enveloped marked with each vendor’s name ahead of time.


  • Even if you gave a tip, always try and write a review, as well. Vendors rely on positive reviews to stay in the business, so it is more meaningful than you think!


  • Before you leave a review ask the wedding vendor which site they prefer your leave a review on. Some vendors prefer Google, while other prefer a site like Bustld.


  • A lot of wedding vendors work in teams with an assistant. Ask if there’s an assistant or a second team member in case you want to tip them, too. 



  • No matter what, a tip is never expected so don’t ever feel obligated to leave a tip. You should tip only if you feel like it was deserved.


  • Try not to leave a bad review without checking in. Sometimes situations are explainable and sometimes things happen behind the scenes on wedding day that you aren’t aware of. Always give the vendor a chance to talk about it with you first even if you ultimately do feel you still want to leave that bad review.


  • Always check vendor contracts for a service charge or gratuity inclusion. A lot of catering contracts will include a service charge and if you aren’t sure if that is gratuity, simply ask if that is paid out to the staff on wedding day. 


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Photo credit [vetted] Amanda Moss Photography